Simple Ways to Empower Yourself and Your Community

On September 24th 2011 at the historic Palace Theater in downtown Hilo a handful of speakers and 100 members of the community gathered together to talk story and share ideas on ways to empower yourself and the Big Island.

The speakers were Jay FitzGerald, Keith "Bradda Skibs" Nehlss, Michael Benner, Grif Frost, Larry Czerwonka, and Steve Synder.

And the performers were the dance group Shell Shock and the comedian Andy Bumatai.

It was hands down one of the most inspiring events of the year here in Hilo Town. You can watch the talks from the event here and you can view some photos from the event in the gallery below and even more HERE.

A HUGE mahalo to the speakers, the performers, the sponsors, the support staff, and all the attendees, you all rocked!

With Aloha
~ TEDxWaiakea



"Mahalo Nui Larry! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, I learned so much at TEDxWaiakea and this week has been extremely productive thus far because of it! me ke aloha pumehana."
~ Niegel Kuhinanui Rozet

"I'm always looking for opportunities to inspire me to do better and the speakers had great suggestions. Definitely an afternoon well-spent!"
~ Lynne Bautista

"I went wondering if any of the speakers would connect with my role as a Chef? Would anyone share ideas that would impact my passion for restaurants? As it turns out I wasn’t disappointed, but some of the ideas that made me think the most touched on subjects that were surprising to me. My ideas of how work gets done and who does the work, were turned upside down in 15 minutes!"
~ Stephen Rouelle

"A very well organized TEDx event! It was inspiring and uplifting. A superb balance between thought-provoking life skills management topics & animated and humorous presenters and performances!"
~ Merle Gornick

"Excellent event really glad I was able to attend."
~ Liz Ambrose

"I've lived in Hilo for about 10 years and been to a lot of events, TEDxWaiakea was in the top 1%."
~ Justin Avery

"They had some great speakers..a totally different experience than the slide show heavy, multi media tech events I have been to in past few years. Six guys just standing up on stage for 15 minutes sharing their opinions."
~ Julie Ziemelis


TEDxWaiakea Image Gallery




photos by Karen Welsh   View more photos from TEDxWaiakea HERE

Quote of the Day

    "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."

    ~ Buddha


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